Since 2010 we have been helping people with Romanian roots, to submit the applications for Romanian citizenship by ancestry. Our goal is to assist you to whole process, from the moment when you will gather all the relevant Romanian & foreign documents up to the moment when you will have the final interview with the Romanian Consul.

If you do not have time to work to your application, you can fulfill the entire Romanian Citizenship Dual Application with the assistance of ””, with our ”Start to Finish” program or you can order what you will need for the application:


Romanian birth records

Romanian marriage records

Name changes

The Proof of Romanian citizenship/Romanian citizenship status

The Divorce Decision

Translations, Apostiles.       

A. Legal provisions concerning Romanian dual citizenship by descent.

There are two very important articles who stipulates the legal conditions that you will have to fulfill in order to gain Romanian citizenship by ancestry:  

(i) According to article 10 from Law 21/1991 (regarding Romanian Citizenship), the Romanian Citizens which had lost their Romanian Citizenship has the right to regain it. The children and grandchildren of this person have the right to gain Romanian EU Citizenship and Romanian EU passport.

(ii) According to article 11 from Law 21/1991- people who have been Romanian citizens but have lost Romanian citizenship for reasons beyond their control or who lost it without their will, and their descendants up to grade III, have the right to regain Romanian citizenship, with the possibility of preserving the foreign citizenship and establishing their domicile in Romania or keeping it abroad. This provision is concerning only people from Romanian old territory (Basarabia, Northern Bucovina) or their descendants up to third generation which have lost Romanian citizenship due to the communist regime.   

The Law 21/1991 recognize through articles 10 and 11, a new institution of acquiring Romanian citizenship: the restoration of citizenship. This is addressed to the people who lost their citizenship or to their descendants up to grade II (children, grandchildren) or to grade III – it depends what legal procedure is suitable in your case. 

Also, according with the Romanian law, if the applicant didn’t lost his/her Romanian citizenship he/she or his/her direct descendant up to second generation, has the right to confirm his/her Romanian citizenship by the transcription procedure of the foreign civil acts.

For the Romanian transcription procedure of the foreign vital records please click here.

If you have the permanent adress outside the Romanian territory, you will have the option to submit the application for restoration of Romanian citizenship with the nearest Romanian Consulate, or with National Authority for Romanian Citizenship in Bucharest.

B. Procedure

How we are working ?

Gaining Romanian Dual Citizenship with our legal assistance, is a simple three-steps process and can be tailored to fit your case.

(i) Step 1 – Analyzis and reviewing the documents.

We kindly recommend you to complete our contact form, and to provide us a sumarry of your case for a free eligibility check.

We will analyze all the data concerning your case, and we will prepare a personalized legal strategy to achieve your goal.

(ii) Step 2 – List of the documents requested in the legal procedure.

Based on the data provided by you, we will communicate you the legal procedure suitable in your case together with the list of the documents requested by the National Authority for Romanian Citizenship. We will advice you about the multitude of criteria set forth by both: National Authority for Romanian Citizenship and Romanian Consulates.

(iii) Step 3 – The agreement.

We will prepare an estimate of the costs and timelines to complete your case. Once we will set an agreement, we will draft all the documents requested in the procedure, we will collect all the Romanian documents that are missing you, we will help you to prepare the file and we will obtain an apointment for submitting personally your Romanian citizenship application with National Authority for Romanian Citizenship or Romanian Consulate.