Certificate of Citizenship Status

Proof of Romanian citizenship

The Certificate of Citizenship Status is not the Naturalization Certificate/Citizenship certificate.  It is a certification issued by the local Romanian authorities (General Directorate for Romanian Passports) stating that you or your ancestor are still a Romanian citizen.

During this procedure, Romanian authorities will check the citizenship file of the person indicated on the application, and they may issue a statement certifying that based on the records they have available the person did not lose his/her Romanian citizenship, or they may issue a declaration stating the reason why they cannot certify the person’s citizenship status. Whichever document we receive, this is the first step to follow suitable on the proceedings as: Romanian citizenship restoration; transcription of the foreign birth certificate.

If the answer will be “yes” (he/she is Romanian citizen) then we will follow the Transcription procedure of the foreign civil acts in order to obtain your Romanian number of identification (CNP) together with your Romanian birth&marriage certificates. And finally, you will have the right to submit the application for getting Romanian EU passport.

If the answer shall be “no”  OR Romanian authorities will not find his/her citizenship file, then you will have to submit the application for Romanian citizenship restoration (with the language requirements in the moment when you will take the oath-at the end of the process).

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