Translations & Hague Apostile

We are colaborating with local companies and public notaries specialized on the sworn translation field, and we can bear your Romanian documents with Apostille acording with Hague Convention.

Even you need sworn translations from a foreign language into Romanian language or from Romanian language into a foreign language, please count on our services.

In order to recognize/use your Romanian documents in a foreign country, you must obtain first the official stamp of the Romanian government on that document (according with Hague Convention).

As a general legal requirement, all the foreign documents that an aplicant will present to the Romanian authorities in order to claim Romanian citizenship or  (birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, affidavits, special power of attorney, etc.) shall have Hague Apostille and shall be sworn translated into Romanian language.

Please let us know your inquiries about your case, and we will get your Romanian documents ready to be used in a foreign country.

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