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A company is only as good as the people it keeps”

Mary Kay Ash

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else”

Sam Walton.

”The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows”

Aristotle Onassis 

The history of each family is unique. Every time when our Law Office start a procedure concerning vital records documents or citizenship confirmation/gaining, we connect to the past or with the present of our client’s families. We have the satisfaction of finding in the archives, to bring back to life and transmit to our clients the vital records documents older than 100 years. Every case suppose a travel in time in order to extract from the past of a family an official public document (birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate) that can bear even the signature of the mother/father, grandmother or grandfather of our clients. There are different persons, different places, different cultures, different ethnicity and dialects. Nevertheless, there is always a common element: all people are born in Romania. Usually, the citizenship cases or our researches in the archives have as its goal a person or an ancestor born in a little town or village hidden in the Carpathians Mountains, or in another peaceful area of Romania and who later emigrated together with his/her family far from the birthplace, in states as: Israel, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Brasil, Argentina, Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa. We know that the happiness of our customers keep us in business. Satisfied customers reward us with business loyalty and positive ”word of mouth” advertising to their friends and family. As we are acting on the fields of citizenship by descent Law and Romanian vital records documents beginning with the year 2007 (after Romania became an EU member), we know how to pursuit with each case, we know what risks can occur during the specific procedure, and not finally we know the loopholes in business. All the legal team of ”Romaniancitizenship.ro” is officially recognized, not only with certificates and licenses, but also as possessing skills and expertise in our profession. Nevertheless, our practice and the complexity of the cases managed during this period of time, allows us to make an objective evaluation of your case and to aware you what are the possible complications or additional documents that it might be asked for the Romanian public authorities. For obtaining an evaluation of your case, you should contact us on the Phone (+40) 722 414818, or using our contact form. This is our business address: Bucharest, Nuferilor Street, no. 40-48, Building B1, Stair F, Unit 10, District 1; Phone number: +40 21 555 31 83

Whom do we address?

  • To Romanian citizen who (re)obtained Romanian citizenship and need a Romanian passport;
  • To Romanian citizen who want to register the birth of the minor children born outside Romania;
  • To people who have at least one Romanian ancestor born in Romania OR across border from a Romanian born ascendant, and want to gain Romanian EU citizenship and Romanian EU passport;
  • To people who lost Romanian EU citizenship and want to regain it or to their descendants up to second generation;
  • To Romanian citizens who want to obtain Romanian ID or to renew it;
  • To people who search their Romanian vital records documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce documents) or the vital records documents issued for their ascendants (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents);
  • To people who (re)obtained Romanian citizenship and need a Romanian EU passport;
  • To Romanian citizens who were born, got married or divorced or have changed their names outside Romanian territory, and want to register their foreign vital records documents in Romania, in order to obtain Romanian birth & marriage certificate and gain Romanian EU passport;
  • To Romanian citizens who want to register in Romania their foreign divorce document/certificate/decision, and to recognise in Romania the foreign divorce document;
  • To Romanian citizens residing outside Romania who lost or had their Romanian documents stolen/destroyed, namely to those citizens who lost their birth certificate, their marriage certificate, Romanian passport, the citizenship certificate, proof of Romanian citizenship;

What is it that we do as a Romanian Citizenship Lawyers?

That’s easy… We take over an extremely boring, confusing and frustrating procedure and we get it done for you.
  • You don’t need to wait in a raw in front of the public institutions,
  • you no longer have to adjust yourself to the schedule specially created by the public institutions,
  • you no longer have to put up with the stress caused by the official officers and by the bureaucratic and hostile attitude they show;
  • you no longer have to wait for weeks for an answer from the public institutions;
  • you no longer have to come back several times to the same institution to finally obtain a full complete file.
In case you choose to do this on your own we warn you that the legal procedures often change in this field and you need to systematically update the already obtained data, so that nothing be omitted when you file your documentation. We know how to obtain your documents the soonest possible for you and with the least complications as our team deals with such procedures daily. Hence, you can enjoy your normal life without headaches and pains caused by such a procedure. You can trust us to obtain the documents you need in your private life or for your professional activity. We value time too. We are a team of competent specialist, under continuous development and evolution, to be able to grant our services on the entire national territory, in terms of quality and efficiency.

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