Romanian Name Changes

Application for a change of name or last name


ADMISSABLE APPLICATIONS: in the Romanian legal system, a change of name or surname is HIGHLY UNUSUAL and permitted in EXCEPTIONAL CASES based only and exclusively on certain criteria, such as surnames that may be RIDICULOUS or SHAMEFUL or REVEALING PARENTAL ORIGINS. All applications submitted will require substantial documentation to support a CONCRETE and SIGNIFICANT request.

It may happen that you want to change your name or last name for various reasons, not just because your name is ridiculous or shameful.


This are the main reason for which you are legal allowed to change your name on the Romanian vital records:


Romanian citizens who have changed their names abroad because they have dual/multiple citizenship;


Romanian citizens who were adopted by the foreign citizens and change their birth names after the adoption process;


Romanian women who have changed their surnames following their wedding;

The request is not granted automatically, but subject to the discretion of the competent authority, who will assess the presence of objectively relevant situations, adequately documented and justified.

The application must be submitted to the competent authority – the Vital Statistics Office in the Mayor’s Office where is registered the birth certificate of the applicant. You have also the legal option to submit the application using the services of a proxy or through the Romanian Consulate from the country where you are located.

You will not be able to issue a new Romanian EU passport or Romanian ID, if you didn’t register your official name change on your Romanian birth certificate.

The most important document requested on the procedure of changing name is the foreign document attesting the name changes. If your name was changed based on a foreign Court decision pronounced in a NON EU member country, according with the Romanian law, you should first recognize in Romania the foreign Court decision through the ”exequator” procedure.

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