Order Romanian Marriage/Divorce Certificates

Obtaining a duplicate of Marriage certificate

Romanian citizens residing abroad may request a duplicate marriage certificate as follows:

  • Diplomatically at the Romanian Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence.
  • By proxy through third party with notarized power of attorney.

It will take less time to obtain a duplicate of birth certificate using the services of a proxy.

If you need a complete list of the paperwork, timeline and  quotation for getting your marriage certificate dont hesitate to contact us.

Register in Romanian a foreign marriage certificate / Transcription procedure

The marriage certificate is registered by the local municipality. If the marriage was contracted abroad, to obtain a Romanian marriage certificate the marriage must be registered in Romania at the Mayor’s Office in the applicant’s last domicile in Romania.

If the applicant never had domicile in Romania, than the transcription procedure of the foreign marriage certificate must be pursued with the Office of Vital Statistics of Bucharest District 1 Mayor’s Office.

Same-sex marriages are not recognized in Romania.


Required documents (original and photocopy), depending on the situation:

  • The foreign marriage certificate (original);
  • Statements related with the assets matrimonial regime;
  • Statement  that the applicant never initiate another transcription procedure of the marriage certificate;
  • Spouses birth certificates;
  • Power of attorney in order to get the Romanian marriage certificate if you will proceed by a proxy;

Please be aware that all the foreign vital records documents should bear Apostile, according Hague Convention from 1961. Also, there are other legal requirements regarding the form of the documents requested on the above procedure.

If you need to register a marriage certificate in Romania/transcription procedure of your foreign marriage certificate, please contact us in order to provide you the complete list of the paperwork, timeline and the quotation. 

Romanian Divorce certificate


Document Name:

”Sentința de Divorț” (if issued by a Romanian court); ”Certificat de Divorț” (if issued by the Vital Statistics Officer of the Mayor’s Office where the marriage took place or where the spouses had their last common residence or by a public notary).


Issuing Authority:

The divorce may be in the form of:

  • A divorce decree issued by a court, registered and archived by the regional court; or
  • A certificate of divorce issued by the Officer of Vital Statistics or by a Public Notary when both spouses are in agreement with the dissolution of marriage and clauses.
  • The divorce certificate must be registered with the Vital Statistics Office in the Mayor’s Office where the marriage took place.

Procedure for Obtaining:

Court certified copies of the divorce decree may be obtained from the court which granted the divorce.  Divorce decrees are given to the parties by the Mayor’s Office or the public notary which granted the divorce. 

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