Archival Researches

Researches your Romanian family

(i) The first procedure that must be fulfilled in order to prove your eligibility for the Romanian Citizenship is to identify the vital records documents (birth certificate, marriage/death certificate) of your Romanian ancestor. Connecting our clients with their family from Romania is not only our business, but also our passion.

The history of each family is unique. Every time when we start a procedure concerning vital records documents, we connect to the past of our client’s families.

We have the satisfaction of finding in the archives, to bring back to life and transmit to our clients the vital records documents older than 100 years.

Every case suppose a travel in time in order to extract from the past of a family an official public document (birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate) that can bear even the signature of the mother/father, grandmother or grandfather of our clients.

There are different persons, different places, different cultures, different ethnicity and dialects. Nevertheless, there is always a common element: all people are born in Romania.

(ii) Usually, our researches in the archives have as its goal an ancestor born in a little town or village hidden in the Carpathians Mountains, or in another peaceful area of Romania and who later emigrated together with his/her family far from the birthplace, in states as: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Brasil, Argentina, Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa.

We are commonly do research in the archives in order to identify the vital records and the sequence of generations for the whole family (brothers, parents, nephews included).

Here are the essential data you have bear in mind regarding your antecessor: the exact place of birth, the name received at birth, the date of birth, the name of the parents.

Things to know before you buy

(i) The first records of the archives of the vital records documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate) were made in Romania beginning with 1865.
The historical events (The War of Independence, The Two World Wars, The 1989 Revolution) happened on the Romanian territory had a negative impact on some part of the archive records.
For this reason, it is possible that some civil status archives are not complete; a strict/rigorous evidence of the Romanian vital records documents was known only after 1947.

(ii) Thus, before starting the process of finding out the old vital records documents, you have to know that some of them cannot be identified in the funds of the national archives.

Now we begin to present some answers to the most frequent questions
regarding the archives research.

What documents should I present in order to start a research in the archives?

In order to avoid fraud and respect to the legislation regarding the personal data protection (implemented by European Regulation (EU) 2016/679), the public authorities of Romania request, function of the oldness of the solicited document, vital records documents for attesting the family line of the person for whom the records regarding birth/marriage/death are solicited. Also, it is required to have a special power of attorney for the person who would be your representative in relation with the public authorities.

What information should I provide regarding my ancestor, in order to start the process of finding out the Romanian vital records documents?

Here are the essential data you have to possess regarding your ancestor: the exact place of birth, name received at birth, birth date, name of the parents.

How long does it take from the moment in which I provide all the necessary data and documents, until we have got a result of the archive research?

The Maximum extent of the process in 30 days, after which we will get the results of the research.

In what manner I’ll enter in the possession of the civil status documents?

The civil status documents ordered by you will be available to you both in digital format, and in original form through the international courier.

What happens if the solicited civil status documents will not be found? Can I get a repayment?

Before you order the civil status documents, it is very important to get acquainted with all the necessary personal data for doing the archival research. In some situations, due to some errors regarding personal data, or to the lack of the archive for the respective period, the civil status documents cannot be identified. In each case we present to our clients a written answer of the public authorities regarding the verifications’ result.

The procedure takes place based on the personal data you have provided, which is the reason why we cannot do refunds.

Can you possibly offer a discount in case we consider to solicit some archival research for more persons?

Yes, of course. Please contact us and bring details related to the object of archival research.