Romanian Birth Records

About the Romanian Birth Records

Obtaining Romanian birth records

If you are submitting the application for Romanian Dual Citizenship, you will need the Romanian birth records for you or for your Romanian-born Ancestor(s). This is the most important piece of your Romanian citizenship by descent file.

According with the provision of Law no. 119/1996 (articles 10 and 51)– regarding the Registration of the Civil Acts – if a descendant make a petition for issuing the birth records of his/her Romanian born ancestor – who is not alive – Romanian authorities have a different practice. They can issue the proof of birth or a birth extras (if the birth is less than 100 years ago), or a certified copy of the original birth registration (if the birth is more than 100 years ago).

So, Romanian authorities can issue birth certificates (duplicates) only for the owners of the birth certificates. The same situation is with the international birth certificates.

If the person entitle to issue his/her birth certificate is death, the direct relatives can obtain only:


The proof of his/her ancestor’s birth – if the birth was recorded no more than 100 years ago;


A certified copy from the birth records register or an extras from the birth records - if the birth was recorded more than 100 years ago;

There is some essential information that’s needed in order to get started. For instance, to order a birth record you shall need the next personal data: the birth full name, the date of birth, the exact place of birth and the parents’names (if available) of your Romanian Ancestor(s). 

We are waiting your inquiries about your case in order to provide an exhaustive guideline taylor for you.

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Obtaining a duplicate of birth certificate

Romanian citizens residing abroad may request a duplicate birth certificate as follows:


Diplomatically at the Romanian Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence.


By proxy through third party with notarized power of attorney.

It will take less time to obtain a duplicate of birth certificate using the services of a proxy. If you need a timeframe, paperwork and quotation for getting your birth certificate dont hesitate to contact us.

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Register in Romanian a foreign birth certificate / Transcription procedure

Minor children of Romanian citizens or having at least one parent of Romanian citizenship, even if they were born outside Romania, and even if they have another citizenship are Romanian citizen. Therefore, their birth must be registered in Romania in order to obtain a Romanian EU passport.

Adult applicants born outside Romania’s borders who confirm/(re)obtained Romanian citizenship under the legal proceedings, also have, the obligation to transcript their foreign birth certificate, in order to obtain a Romanian EU passport;


Procedure for register in Romanian your foreign birth certificate


Issuing Authority:

Office of Vital Statistics (“Oficiul Starii Civile”) of the local Mayor’s Office.

If you will declare and register the foreign childs birth up to his/her age of 18, the application shall be submitted with the Office of Vital Statistics from his/her mother/fathers last official domicile in Romania (if at least one of the parents ever had a Romanian ID).

If the applicant has more than 18 years, than he/she will submit the application for transcription with the Office of Vital Statistics of Bucharest District 1 Mayor’s Office.


Required documents (original and photocopy), depending on the situation:

  • The foreign birth certificate (original) which shall be transcript into Romanian Vital Records; 
  • Statements of the spouses related with their consent for child to gain Romanian citizenship; 
  • Affidavit that the applicant never initiate another transcription procedure of the birth certificate;
  •  Spouses birth certificates and marriage certificate;
  • Power of attorney if you will follow the transcription procedure by a proxy ;

Please be aware that all the foreign vital records documents should bear Apostile, according Hague Convention from 1961. Also, there are other legal requirements regarding the form of the documents requested on the procedure.

If you need to register a foreign birth certificate in Romania/transcription procedure of a foreign birth certificate, please contact us in order to provide you the complete list of the paperwork, timeline and the quotation.  

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