We believe that the only true and honest way of checking credentials and the quality of service is through clients who have already been represented. Each testimony includes the contact information of former clients who went through the whole procedure already and are available to be contacted and asked about his or her experience.

We will always provide you (via email) with the list of our many satisfied clients that have agreed to be contacted in order to confirm our credentials and the quality of our legal advice. In addition, many people that we have represented do know us personally as they visited Romania.

We are proud of the fact that today more than half of our new clients come from recommendations. With our almost 100% success rate, we can honestly say that if you are legally eligible, we will get you the Romanian Vital Records & Romanian European passport.

I have been trying to get Romanian EU citizenship & passports for my children for many years. 

Looking at the many requirements on the Romanian Consulate website made it look like an almost impossible task. Relatives in Romania recommended another law firm in Bucharest however the lawyer there was not familiar with the procedure of transcribing foreign birth certificates. 

I found Mr. Toma online and from the beginning he has been very professional, honest and knowledgeable about the whole process. In less than 3 months his firm was able to obtain Romanian EU citizenship and Romanian birth certificates for my children. 

I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who needs help with Romanian citizenship matters.

Thank you so much Mr Toma and partners!


February 2024

Mona G.

Psychologist, Loomis, California, USA

Mr. Toma and his team did a great job assisting my family with establishing our Romanian citizenship.  Though our case was complex and took longer to complete than hoped, Mr. Toma kept us informed at every step of the process and ensured that things were staying on track.  I don’t know how we would have been able to get through this process without him.  I’m grateful for his help.

May 2023

Mr. Sagi Solomon

CEO of The Again Co., San Jose, California, USA

Many thanks and words of appreciation for Mr. Gabriel Toma, Esquire and his Law Firm.
Mr. Toma was very successful, basically beating the odds, fighting bureaucracy from abroad, country to country, US Tampa Florida to Bucharest, Pitesti, Sebes. He is extremely dedicated, very professional, compassionate and highly competent.
With patience and hard work, he has helped me obtain all paperwork necessary for my new Romanian passport, since the old one was expired.
Needless to say, before contacting Mr. Toma’s Law firm, I had numerous failed attempts in this matter, being close to giving up.
From the first moment we touched base via email, I really appreciated how clever and detailed he explained to me all the necessary steps needed for this complex process.
Always very clear, detailed, polite, with promptitude he responded to all emails, communicated all steps, keeping me informed throughout the entire tedious process.
We are at the final steps now, and I can clearly say that without the qualified help from Mr. Gabriel Toma Esquire and his Law firm, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain these papers needed to renew my expired Romanian passport.
For everyone wishing to find answers and solve legalities, passports, paperwork, etc, I definitely recommend without hesitation, from all my heart, the exceptional, amazing and honest, dedicated Law Firm of Mr. Gabriel Toma Esq.

December 2022

Luminita Vladutu MD

Tampa, Florida, USA

I have been in the United States for over twenty years. My original Romanian documents were out of date and expired. I tried seeking help from the local Consulate but the task was overwhelming. I searched for someone to help me with registering my marriage, verifying my citizenship and registration of my daughter’s birth as well as obtaining a Romanian birth certificate to enable her application for an EU passport. Mr. Gabriel Toma made this all possible by detailing step-by-step the entire process. Everything was done on time and promptly with clear communication. Any questions were always answered withing a day by email. I truly believe that this could not be done without Mr. Toma. I was so happy to hear from him “mission accomplished” and when the international courier envelope was scheduled to be delivered. I can’t think of a better and more professional advocate for your needs. I like to consider him a friend and that I can call on him in the future. Thank you again for your diligence and professionalism.

June 2022

D. Noyes (Sorici)

Licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist, California, USA

Gabriel Toma and his team help me to gain Romanian citizenship through the transcription procedure of my foreign birth certificate. They help me to overpass the issue of the discrepancies on the foreign vital records and to get my Romanian National Identification Number (CNP) and my Romanian birth certificate.
My case was difficult, but they gave me the correct and valuable information about how to fulfill my goal: my Romanian EU passport. I’m very happy with the process and result. Cannot recommend him and his service enough. Thanks!

March 2022

Ofek Lifshitz


We appointed the Law Office of Gabriel Toma to represent my wife during her application to regain Romanian Citizenship through her paternal grandfather (who was born in Romania). We found Gabriel Toma always acted in a professional and friendly manner – the services that he offered, and the fees required were explained in advance of each step in the procedure from the original search for her grandfather’s birth record to the submitting to the Romanian Consulate of all the documents (together with sworn translations) needed to obtain an appointment, so that at all times we felt informed. My wife has now received a date for her appointment at the Romanian Consulate and we hope that it results in a successful outcome since we know all her documents are in order.

October 2021

Simon Burne

London, UK

Working with Mr. Gabriel Toma’s law firm guaranteed us the peace of mind of taking all the right steps at the right time, without mistakes and without wasting time, in order to restore my Romanian citizenship as well as obtain it for my children. We were very pleased with his work.

June 2021

M. Bernard

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Huge thank you to Gabriel Toma & his team for all their help with my paperwork. I immigrated to the U.S. when I was younger and was never able to change my name on my Romanian paperwork. I found Gabriel & his team at www.romaniancitizenship.ro and they took the stress out of the entire process. He was in constant communication, provided easy to follow instructions, and had a sense of urgency despite the COVID delays. This was extremely difficult for me to figure out while living overseas, but working with Gabriel took the stress out of it. Thank you again for all the help!

June 2021

Ana-Maria Frampton

Pharmaceutical Sales, Dallas, USA

The complex, international and integrative nature of legal work requires professionals to combine their specialized expertise in order to successfully serve the most attractive clients. This is the principle behind our cooperation with the legal team from “Romaniancitizenship.ro” concerning cases of clients – Romanian-American Citizens. Since our collaboration with the colleagues from “Romaniancitizenship.ro” managed by Mr. Gabriel Toma increased levels of client satisfaction and retention, we will continue to connect those legal experts with our international clients’ needs. We do recommend their aptitude to do world-class legal work in the fields of Romanian dual citizenship and Romanian administrative applications.

April 2021

Anda Malescu

Esq, Malescu Law

I got in touch with Mr Gabriel Toma (www.romaniancitizenship.ro) for the first time and of course was scared out of my mind knowing the delayed process in obtaining the divorce certificate, translated and apostilled from Romanian Court when my options appeared limited due to COVID. Mr.Toma has eased my mind about the whole process. Always honest. No sugar coating. Upfront and helpful. Definitely great customer service and professionalism. I hereby recommend the services of Mr Gabriel Toma without reservation.

December 2020


Engineer, India

I engaged Gabriel Toma to assist me to restore our Romanian citizenship. I found that working with Gabriel was a very positive experience. He assisted me to obtain all the relevant documents to supply to the Romanian Embassy to commence the process or of citizenship restoration. When I arrived at the Romanian Embassy they were genuinely very impressed with the quality of documents that Gabriel assisted me to prepare. Now it’s the 2 year wait. I thank Romaniancitizenship for the professionalism and all their help

S. Czeiger

Managing Director, Sydney, Australia

I contacted romaniancitizenship in order to get my grandparent’s birth certificate, after contacting several citizenship services that couldn’t solve my problem. Gabriel Toma was kind, professional and answered all my questions. The document was quickly issued and now I’m able to apply for romanian citizenship. I surely recommend his services.

L.D. Dias

Lawyer-Corporate Law, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Romaniancitizenship.ro is the only place to go if you are in need of help acquiring your Romanian citizenship. Gabriel Toma was incredibly informative, trustworthy and quick in helping me navigate the process. He knows everything there is to know and patiently answered all of my questions. I cannot stress how thankful I am to have found him—truly the best! Highly recommend him to anyone wishing to obtain Romanian citizenship. Thank you so much Gabriel!

Isabell D

Office Administrator, New York, US

Professional business, great communication and service. The team from “Romaniancitizenship.ro” managed my Gabriel Toma resolved my case (Romanian citizenship restoration) with courtesy and in a timely manner. Would highly recommend them. Thanks.

R. Bolivar

Human Resources Manager, Florida, USA

As a Holywood actor, I had the chance to work with Sergiu Nicolaescu in Bucharest, some years ago. This time, I needed some help in complicated official paperwork. Gabriel Toma, with his perfect English, was friendly, contientious, effective…and very reasonable. He is my man in Bucharest!

Michael Carven

Actor, Los Angeles, USA

”The work of the Law Firm is remarkable. They always answered my questions in brief period of time, regardless of how extense and detailed my inquires were.
The price was always informed before any action, and also what would be made in each step of the way.
Mr. Gabriel Toma has an excellent knowledge of the Romanian laws and, even more, a profound knowledge of how the Romanian bureaucracy works. The result of this combination is a fast and well done job in a subject that, at least from my point of view, is far from be simple.
I couldn’t recommend it more!”

F. Petrachini

Sao Paolo, Brazil

My case was very complex because I changed my name in Australia and I divorced in Australia. When I requested a Romanian Passport, I was told that I had to work with a Romanian Lawyer to facilitate the change of name in my birth certificate and to do the necessary work for the recognition of my Divorce from Australia on Romanian territory – Exequatur Court Decision.

I like to say that my lawyer Gabriel Toma performed all my requests in an exemplary way with minimum prices.

Therefore, I highly recommend the Law Office managed by Gabriel Toma for any work related to the change of name, issue of new birth certificate and Exequatur work.

James P.

MPM, Melbourne, Australia

”I am an attorney in the United States. My wife, Ilona Marton, and I have been struggling to enforce her deceased fathers land rights in Romania. he was born in Transylvania.  We need to prove this. We could not, until we met Mr. Gabriel Toma. Low and behold, Mr. Toma obtained the proof we needed. WOW! I highly recommend him for your legal needs in Romania!”

December 2019

Gary Himmel

Attorney-at-law, USA

“I am very impressed with Cabinet de Avocat “Gabriel Toma”. I live abroad in the United Kingdom and I urgently needed a Birth Certificate mention. The Embassy only offered a very lengthy process of six months or more. Luckily, I found Gabriel’s website, sent an inquiry and within minutes I was replied!

Gabriel Toma and his Office provided detailed information about the process, time allocated as well as charges. What could have been a long, stressful process, was a professional and well handled procedure, much quicker than the Embassy as well!

I was treated very professionally and constantly provided with information, answers and updates. 

If you need any International Procedures handled professionally in a timely manner, Gabriel Toma is your best choice!”

September 2020


Retail Supervisor, Essex, UK

“I was born in Romania and immigrated with my parents to the USA when I was a child.  I didn’t have a copy of my Romanian birth certificate or a Romanian passport.  I contacted the Romanian Consulate in Los Angeles and they were not helpful.  I contacted the Honorary Consul in Las Vegas and she was not in a position to help me either.  I  inquired of several services regarding helping me obtain my Romanian birth certificate and my Romanian/EU passport and none were as professional and prompt as Mr. Gabriel Toma.  Mr. Toma was professional, responsive, and his work was fairly priced.  Mr. Toma had me Hague Apostle my USA documents with my state’s Secretary of State.  I shipped the documents to him and he had them translated and submitted the documents to the appropriate institutions to obtain my birth certificate and my proof of citizenship from the Romanian government.  It took Mr. Toma about 6 weeks to obtain a copy of my Romanian birth certificate and about another 6 weeks to obtain my proof of citizenship from the Romanian government.  Mr. Toma has been a good communicator via email and has responded to my questions.  I recommend Mr. Toma‘s services for this process.” 

October 2020

Oana Sterlacci

Realtor, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

A Trusted Guide in Navigating Romanian Citizenship: A Review of our Advocate

I recently had the privilege of working with an excellent advocate, whom we’ll refer to as Mr. Toma, for a matter close to our hearts. My brother and I, both with a mother born in Romania, sought Mr. Toma’s expertise to explore the possibilities of obtaining Romanian citizenship.

From the outset, Mr. Toma demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our case. His helpful nature was apparent in every interaction, making the complex process feel much more manageable. Dealing with Romanian authorities can be challenging, and Mr. Toma’s professional service became our bridge to navigate through the intricacies.

One of the aspects that stood out was Mr. Toma’s profound understanding of the multifaceted requirements involved. The journey to Romanian citizenship involved gathering various documents, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, and even death certificates. Mr. Toma not only guided us through the maze of paperwork but also provided clarity on what was truly essential and when it needed attention. 

In an environment where trust is paramount, Mr. Toma consistently delivered. His timely advice and actions showcased a deep knowledge of the legal nuances surrounding citizenship applications. It was evident that he knew precisely when and how to act, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Affordability is often a concern when seeking professional services, but Mr. Toma pleasantly surprised us with his reasonable pricing. His commitment to providing a trustful service did not come at an exorbitant cost, making the entire experience even more satisfying.

In conclusion, our journey towards Romanian citizenship was significantly enhanced by Mr. Toma’s expertise. His reliable guidance, understanding of the intricacies involved, reasonable pricing, and trustful service make him a standout advocate in his field. If you’re navigating the complexities of citizenship applications or legal matters, Mr. Toma comes highly recommended for his professionalism and commitment to his clients’ success.

January 2024

Christian L. & Fabian L.

IT-consultant & Teacher, Deutschland

I would give 5/5 stars if I could. I reached out to Gabriel Toma and his office to receive my Romanian birth certificate after having my name changed and living in the US for 20 years. Mr. Toma was extremely detailed, patient, and made the process as easy as possible. If you are searching around online, I do not think there’s a more reliable office to handle these types of situations. Very satisfied with the entire process and would recommend.

February 2023


Philadelphia, USA

Words cannot express how grateful my family and I are for Mr Toma’s help and services. Our case of re-obtaining our Romanian citizenship was quite involved and lengthy, and yet, everything went absolutely smoothly and efficiently. Mr Toma was very kind and patient in answering all of our questions, and in guiding us and updating us through every step of the process. His professionalism and communication skills are unmatched! We are very happy to have found RomanianCitizenship.ro and cannot recommend it highly enough for those seeking assistance with all their Romanian documentation and status needs. Va multumim, D-l Toma! Cu mult respect, Familia Strungaru (Australia)

January 2023

Strungaru Family

Sidney, Australia

My case was Extremely difficult as I was born in 1991 Romania and Adopted in 1991. My Last name was changed at the time of the adoption in Romania and my FULL NAME again when I was Naturalized in the United States – Anchorage Alaska
I was given a New First and Middle Name as well. This meant that my documents from Romania reflected a different name, along with my US Documents. This had to be amended on my Romanian Birth Certificate.
This is just one example of many steps and years of work, on how Mr. Toma has helped me during this two-year process of me regaining my Citizenship. Regaining my Romanian Citizenship was a very necessary process to fulfill. Now I am an Official, Documented Romanian Citizen.

October 2022

C. David Baum

Alaska, USA

I would recommend Mr. Toma and his colleagues to any Romanian born person interested in regaining their citizenship. My case was particularly difficult as my name was changed at the time of the adoption in Romania and again when I was naturalized in the United States. This meant that my documents from Romania reflected a different name. This had to be amended on my Romanian birth certificate for me to apply for a passport. This is just one example of how Mr. Toma helped me during the two year process of me regaining my citizenship. He always sends transaction receipts and translations if requested. He is always quick to respond to emails if you have questions. Regaining Romanian citizenship was a very necessary process to the success of my future. As an official, documented, Romanian, EU citizen I will be able to live and work in Europe without procuring a visa. If they can help me with my case, then can help you with yours.

June 2022

T.M. Watkins

Chicago, USA

The correspondence with Romaniancitizenship.ro has been a complete pleasure. The attention to detail and the ability to retrieve Romanian historical documents was done in an efficient and effective manner. The process was done on a clear path with clear objectives. Once approved by National Authority for Romanian Citizenship, I will be proud to have regained my ancestors’ roots back to Romania. I looked forward spending a great amount of time in my grandparent’s country of origin and living with the people of Romania.

May 2022

Daniel J. Jinar

Principal Electrical Engineer, Chicago, USA

Mr.Toma and his team have been patiently walking me through a difficult 1 year process to obtain my Romanian Citizenship. They have been extremely professional and ethical during the entire process, knowing exactly what types of documentation I need to provide and were very responsive with any questions I had. I am happy to say I received my citizenship under the care and knowledge provided by Mr.Toma throughout this past year. I would not have been able to accomplish this without him. I highly recommend you use his services if you are going to apply for Romanian Citizenship. I had an excellent experience!

December 2021

Anamaria Popescu

Doctor, USA

Gabriel Toma and his team were able to acquire my Romanian citizenship which I was eligible to acquire from my father since he was a native Romanian citizen. The process took less than a year and was easy to understand even with me not having the proper documentation translated at the time. I would gladly recommend him and his team to anyone that needs to acquire their Romanian birth certificate and any other Romanian documentation.

September 2021

Douglas N.

Medical Student, Washington, USA

Gabriel and his staff at romaniancitizenship.ro were absolutely fantastic!  Easy to work with, highly efficient and always standing by to help and answer questions.  Navigating the Romanian legal system can seem daunting… but Gabriel takes the stress out of it all.
During our initial consultation, he took the time to listen and understand my complex situation (I needed to confirm my Romanian citizenship after I have changed my name in US, I was needed a new Romanian EU passport, and I got married in US after I changed my name).  Throughout the process, he kept me informed every step of the way in my preferred language of English.  At one point, Gabriel even worked directly with my local attorney in the US to facilitate the issuance of a document in Romania that seemed to be impossible to obtain… yet was ultimately issued due to his perseverance and collaboration.
He quickly became a trusted advisor and ultimately a friend.  I cannot thank him enough for his diligence, guidance and abundance of patience.  If you need a Romanian citizenship attorney, he and his legal team are your guarantee of your Romanian EU passport.

March 2021

Jonathon M.

Airline Pilot, Florida, USA

When I needed to get my Romanian marriage certificate, I was very fortunate to have found Gabriel Toma from RomanianCitizenship. My case was very complicated from the beginning. I am Romanian but I was born in Brazil and therefore I don’t speak Romanian, my wife is Polish, we live in Germany and to complicate matters, among the different documents, my name was not spelled identically, but Gabriel, faced with a variety of documents from 3 different countries,systematically, professionally and quickly guided us throughout the process and solved all problems with the Romanian authorities. RomanianCitzenship is certainly one of the most competent companies in the field and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

C. Guimaraes

Airplane Captain Pilot, Berlin, Germany

Romaniancitizenship.ro” is exactly as stated on the website. Thanks to Gabriel Toma and his team, I have been able to receive official proof of my grandmother’s birth record and am now applying for Romanian citizenship. I found Gabriel and “Romaniancitizenship.ro” through the internet after I learned the location of my grandmother’s place of birth. I had previously been referred to two lawyers by some Romanian colleagues but neither were able to help me in my quest to obtain my grandmother’s birth records. Gabriel responded promptly to my inquiry and explained clearly the process of applying for Romanian citizenship. Gabriel also provided me with examples of past clients who successfully applied for citizenship. In once case, the ancestor of the applicant was born in the 1890s. His service is as explained on his website – transparent, approachable, honest and effective. Gabriel explained the fees for each stage of the process of discovery and also the odds of finding original documents. He sent over an application for power of attorney and within hours of receipt had written to the authorities for my family’s record. I was able to receive official copies of 19th Century documents which affirmed my grandmother’s date and place of birth.

What is more, his fees are reasonable and he always responds to emails promptly. It has been a pleasure working with his Law firm.

I would not normally engage a lawyer in a foreign country on the basis of a website but am so fortunate that I found Gabriel Toma. Within a short period of time, he managed to locate my grandmother’s birth records and start me off on the process of applying for Romanian citizenship.

Brad Blitz

Professor of International Politics and Policy, University College London, expert on nationality and citizenship and author of Migration and Freedom: Mobility, Citizenship, and Exclusion (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016)

The team from ”Romaniancitizenship.ro” helped me recently in composing a power of attorney and using it to retrieve a Romanian Identity Card, which I was not able to do myself. I am very grateful to them for their services, as they were extremely helpful, patient and knowledgeable. I was confident that I could rely on him, because he communicated with me for every step of the process. I have no doubt that if I need any similar legal services in future, I will contact Gabriel about them.

G. Latca

Dublin, Ireland

Recent am cerut serviciile unei firme de avocatură din România să înregistreze certificatele canadiene în înregistrările publice ale acestei țări. Echipa de la ”Romaniancitizenship.ro” condusa de Gabriel Toma a rezolvat, mi-a oferit cotatii ferme si date de livrare si m-a mentinut la curent, pe masura ce documentele au progresat prin sistemul complex al României. Gabriel Toma și compania lui de avocatură sunt o firmă profesionistă pe care o recomand și o voi folosi din nou, dacă va fi nevoie.

Calin George Teodosiu

P. Eng., Toronto, Canada

I have the most admiration and trust in Attorney Gabriel’s work for his versatile knowledge, his prompt communication and his professionalism. Mr. Toma helped me acquire my Romanian birth certificate despite of some complications.

As well, he assisted me with the application process for regaining my Romanian citizenship from beginning to the end. I would higly recommend Mr. Toma for all your professional and personal needs.

M. Nelson

Notary Public, Oregon, USA

Highly recommended!! 

After my request for Gabriel Toma to be my power of attorney to gain a copy of my birth certificate  from England I must thank  Gabriel for an outstanding service and most of all great communication/ prompt overall experience and reasonable costs.

I highly recommend this firm and will be using them again in the future.

N. L.


” I’ve been very happy with your trustworthy, flexible and prompt service which has enabled our family to obtain our citizenships whilst being able to do this without having to travel to Romania”.

December 2019

A. Orban

Accountant, London - UK