Romanian Birth Records

A. Obtaining Your Ancestor’s Birth Certificate from Romania

For your application for dual citizenship or for getting Romanian Passport, you’ll need at least one ancestor’s birth certificate from Romania.

If you’re lucky, you or someone in your family will already have the Romanian birth certificate.  BUT, keep in mind that the one you’ll need must be a “Certified Copy” or “Full Form” or “Book Copy”, and not “Abstract”. It must also be the original “copy” that came from Romania.

Otherwise you have to provide to the Romanian authorities, the original of your ancestor’s birth certificate. This can be quite difficult to find out. We have collected some details which may help you:

Start by collecting the names of all of your ascendants. As you go, get their date and place of birth. And you only need to go back as far as your Romanian citizen relative from which you’re claiming ascendance.

At this point you should have your Romanian-born ancestor’s name, city of birth, and parent’s names;

You need to track down the proper county and city from Romania for your ancestor’s birthplace. Each Hale handles record-keeping for their area.  They keep track of births, marriages, and deaths;

You’re now ready to make a formal request for a copy of your ancestor’s birth certificate. You have the choice to go personal to the territorial competent Hale and submit the file or to name us to act behalf you.

Be aware that Romanian authorities will require documents to proof the connection between you and your Romanian ancestor;

Trace your ancestry and build a family tree by researching extensive birth records, can be another utility of an Romanian ancestor’s Birth Certificate.

B. Romanian Birth Certificate – Transcription procedure

Minor children of Romanian citizen or having at least one parent of Romanian citizenship, even if they were born outside Romania and even if they have another citizenship are Romanian citizen. Therefore, their birth must be registered in Romania;

Adult Romanian citizen born outside Romania’s borders who (re)obtained Romanian citizenship under the legal proceedings, also have, the obligation to transcript their foreign birth certificate;

The transcript application is addressed to the mayor of the residence city by Romanian citizen residing in Romania, to the mayor of the latest residence from the country by the citizen residing abroad or to the Mayor of 1st District in the case of the Romanian citizen who ever resided in Romania.

People who (re)obtain Romanian citizenship and have a permanent stay permit issued by the Romanian Office for Immigrations shall file the transcript application to the residence city hall, according to the address indicated on the permanent stay permit.

The transcript application regarding a married person should include the Xerox copy of the marriage certificate.

The transcript application of the birth certificate of a minor child needs to include Xerox copies of parents Ids, marriage certificate Xerox copy as well as parents’ birth certificates.

How soon can you apply to get a Romanian passport?

The birth certificate transcript is a mandatory legal proceeding to comply with prior obtaining the Romanian passport.

C. Civil Acts Duplicates

To file an application for a Romanian European passport or a Romanian ID, it is necessary to attach your Romanian Civil Acts (birth and marriage certificates). In the event that you lost this documents or something bad happens with it, than you must obtain duplicates.

For getting duplicates from your Romanian Civil Acts (birth and marriage certificates), it is not necessary to be represented by a qualified lawyer. You will need only a valid identification document (ID or passport) and a copy from your Romanian Civil Act that you want to obtain in duplicate.

You will have the option to submit the file with the Romanian Office who issued the document, or, across border, with the nearest Romanian Embassy or Consulate from your foreigner residency.

If you are across border and you want to gain time, please contact us in order to advice you how you can get Romanian Civil Acts (birth and marriage certificates) without headaches.