Romanian Citizenship Lawyer

Don’t you have any better things to deal with than run around to get papers from birocratic services?
Your time is more valuable so contact Romanian Citizenship Lawyer Firm.

Whom do we address?

–          To Romanian citizen who (re)obtained Romanian citizenship and need a Romanian passport;

–          To Romanian citizen who want to register the birth of the minor children born outside Romania;

–          To Romanian citizen who were born, got married or divorced or have changed their names outside Romanian territory;

–          Romanian citizen residing outside Romania who lost or had their Romanian documents stolen/destroyed, namely to those citizen who lost their birth certificate, their marriage certificate, death certificate, Romanian passport, proof of Romanian citizenship;

–          Romanian citizen residing outside Romania and whose Romanian passport expired;

–          Clients who wants to obtain Romanian Vital Records (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Proof of birth, etc.) for their relatives (children, parents, grandparents, etc.);

–          Clients who wants to get Romanian Passport through their Romanian Citizen Ancestors;

What is it that we do as a Romanian Citizenship Lawyer?

That’s easy…

We take over an extremely boring, confusing and frustrating procedure and we get it done for you.  

  • You don’t need to wait in a raw in front of the public institutions,
  • you no longer have to adjust yourself to the schedule specially created by the public institutions,
  • you no longer have to put up with the stress caused by the official officers and by the bureaucratic and hostile attitude they show;
  • you no longer have to wait for weeks for an answer from the public institutions;
  • you no longer have to come back several times to the same institution to finally obtain a full complete file.

In case you choose to do this on your own we warn you that the legal procedures often change in this field and you need to systematically update the already obtained data, so that nothing be omitted when you file your documentation.

We know how to obtain your documents the soonest possible for you and with the least complications as our team deals with such procedures daily.

Hence, you can enjoy your normal life without headaches and pains caused by such a procedure.

You can trust us to obtain the documents you need in your private life or for your professional activity. We value time too.

We are a team of competent specialist, under continuous development and evolution, to be able to grant our services on the entire national territory, in terms of quality and efficiency.

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