Registration of the foreign marriage certificate in Romania


When a Romanian citizen gets married in a foreign registry office, he or she must submit a statement regarding his or her surname, together with an application requesting that the marriage certificate be recorded in the Romanian register of marriages. If the marriage was between two Romanian citizens, they should also submit the same application.

In order to obtain a transcript of the marriage certificate, you should submit the following documents:

  1. an application requesting the transcript, directed to the proper registrar’s office
  2. an original full copy of the marriage certificate (issued by the proper local registrar’s office)
  3. a translation of the document made by a sworn translator in Romanian or by a Consul.
  4. statement about the surname used after the marriage ceremony
  5. original birth certificates of both spouses
  6. a sworn translation of a foreign birth certificate – if spouses were born outside Romania
  7. valid passports or ID cards
  8. statement about the matrimonial regime chose by the spouses;
  9. An additional form needs to be completed if one spouse is not a Romanian citizen


  1. Additional documents required for the registration of a foreign marriage certificate

Foreign marriage certificates, including those issued by the authorities in Israel, Great Britain, Canada, USA, etc., frequently do not contain all the information required to make the registration of the foreign marriage certificate in Romania.

Thus the Romanian authorities will ask for additional documents in connection with the marriage.  

Note – divorced or widowed persons

People who have been married previously must submit Romanian documents showing that the previous marriage has ended. For example, a previous marriage certificate and a valid Judgment made by the Romanian court in regard to the divorce or annulment of the marriage, or a marriage certificate with a note about the divorce or a death certificate of the previous spouse.

A divorce granted by a foreigner court, regardless of whether the marriage was contracted in Romania or outside Romania, has to be registered in a Romanian Registry Office or recognized by a Romanian court.

After registering the certificate, the Romanian authorities will deliver the Romanian civil registration document to the applicant.

Attention: Information on the names of spouses and children born of the marriage is entered into the civil register act completed on the basis of the foreign documents. If this data are not included in the foreign act, the information is included on the basis of other documents.

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