Romanian Passport

How to Apply for Your Romanian European Passport

After you have your Romanian citizenship confirmed and are legally recognized as a Romanian citizen, you can apply for the Romanian European passport.

  1.  Required Documents
    • Romanian citizenship confirmation;
    • Romanian birth certificate with a personal identification number;
    • Romanian marriage / divorce certificate;
  • If relevant – official Romanian name change certificate;

If you have residence in other country than Romania, you must personally submit the passport application to the Romanian General Direction for Passports (from Bucharest), or to the nearest Romanian consulate in your country of residence.

However, the Romanian Law allows you to empower a person in order to submit the file for your children, if the children have less than 14 years old.


  1.  Are you eligible for getting Romanian Passport through your Ancestry? 

General Information about Romanian Citizenship Eligibility 
To determine if you are eligible for Romanian Passport you must first understand the basics that govern Romanian Citizenship.

First of all, Romanian Citizenship is passed through blood line (Jus Sanguinis), NOT place of birth (Jus Soli). For example, just being born in the territory of Romania does not make you a citizen, however having ancestors that were Romanian might give you the right to citizenship.

Secondly, your Romanian blood line must be unbroken from your Romanian  ancestor to you. In other words, each ancestor must have been Romanian in order to pass it to the younger generation. If one of your ancestors had/have lost their Romanian citizenship then the blood line is broken and you did not inherit citizenship. An example of a broken blood line: great-grandfather (Romanian citizen) > grandfather (lost Romanian citizenship) > father (not Romanian) > you (not Romanian).

According to article 10 from Law 21/1991 (regarding Romanian Citizenship), the Romanian Citizens which had lost their Romanian Citizen has the right to regain it.

Also, the children of this people have the right to gain Romanian Citizenship together with the former Romanian Citizens which will apply for regain Romanian Citizenship.

  1. What information/dates will I need to collect in order to determine my eligibility? 
    You will need documents related with your vital records (Marriage & Birth Certificates, Name changes) & Criminal Records.

Also, in order to submit the file, you will have to procure documents related with your departure from Romania, which will confirm the exact date of emigration & information regarding the moment when you lost Romanian Citizenship.

The Romanian Authorities will ask you to give some statements in connection with your legal capacity to regain Romanian Citizenship.

  1. Are you eligible for a Romanian Passport if you have been born abroad (so you have other nationality) and one of your parents lost and after regain Romanian Citizenship?

In most of the cases the answer it’s yes. For getting a Romanian Passport you will need documents related with you (Romanian Birth Certificate, Romanian Marriage Certificate) and with your Romanian Ancestor who regain Romanian Citizenship (the proof of the Romanian Citizenship, birth certificate, marriage certificate, name changes).  

  1. Do you qualify for the European Passport through your Romanian Ancestry?

The lawyers from „” have profound experience in helping clients obtain a Romanian European Passport through your ancestors.

Our team will assist you in all aspects of the process – from understanding what are the documents required by the Romanian authorities, to collect the necessary documentation, to submit the file.

After we confirm your eligibility and the possession of relevant Romanian documents, we will prepare a detailed guide tailored for your case to show you what to expect in terms of timing, costs and procedures.

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