What are the eligible persons for gaining a Romanian EU Passport by descent?

Eligible Person for gaining Romanian EU Passport

The law regarding the Romanian Citizenship have in view two main groups of persons eligible for the Romanian Citizenship and a Romanian European Passport. The first group comprises both the immigrants who did not renounce the Romanian Citizenship, and the immigrants to whom the Romanian citizenship had not been withdrawn. The children and nephews of the immigrants included in this group and eligible for the Romanian citizenship and a Romanian Passport.

The second group is comprised of the following persons: those who previously had Romanian Citizenship, but who, for different reasons (even for the possibility of emigrating from Romania in the time of the Communist Regime) gave up to it of their own will; persons who lost their citizenship for reasons independent of their will. This group has the right to receive back its citizenship and obtain a Romanian European passport, after the bringing the application and the necessary documents. In this group, the eligibility applies also to the descendants of the second and third generation.

Anyhow, each group must prove its eligibility for the Romanian citizenship, coming with documents that demonstrate this. For a free eligibility check please click here.


(ii) After you finalized the procedure of confirmation/regaining of the Romanian Citizenship, you have to follow another distinct stage: the releasing of a Romanian passport. It is a mistake to think that the Romanian European passport is granted to you automatically, after you had confirmed or regained the Romanian Citizenship. The releasing of a Romanian passport is a supplementary process. In order to receive the Romanian passport you will need Romanian civil status documents: Romanian birth certificate and Romanian Marriage certificate (for the married ones). Only after you have obtained these Romanian papers you can apply for a Romanian European passport. For the process of transcription of the foreign civil status documents, click here.