BREXIT: Hunt for Dual Citizenship and Romanian Citizenship

Are you a British citizen with Romanian roots?

Claim your Romanian citizenship by descent.

Benefit from EU citizen′s rights.

As Brexit negotiations lurch from crisis to crisis and with the clock ticking down on Article 50, there is growing concern over what happens to citizens on both sides of the Channel if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal.

According to figures obtained by the BBC from 17 out of 27 EU member states, the number of Britons granted citizenship of another EU country increased by 158% between 2016 and 2017.

The huge rise “is obviously driven by the prospect of Brexit, which is very likely to make UK citizenship much less useful for working, living and travelling elsewhere in the EU”, says Jonathan Portes, professor of economics at King’s College London.

“It would be very surprising if this trend did not continue,” he told The Times.

The most obvious route to EU citizenship is through family links in a member state – a parent or grandparent born there, for instance.

If you are amongst the UK citizens with Romanian roots, then it’s almost sure you’ll be holding a Romanian passport in your hands soon – if that’s what you want. In the UK, there are many descendants of Romanian nationals who found shelter here during the 20th Century’s most difficult times.

A large number have already decided to take advantage of their ancestry and claimed their rights. To follow them and claim your Romanian citizenship, you must have at least one ancestor of Romanian origin. And don’t worry – no language testing or travel to Romania is required.

According to article 10 from Law 21/1991 (regarding Romanian Citizenship), the Romanian Citizens which had lost their Romanian Citizenship has the right to regain it. The children and grandchildren of this person have the right to gain Romanian EU Citizenship and Romanian EU passport.

Also, according with the Romanian law, if the applicant didn’t lost his/her Romanian citizenship he/she or his/her direct descendant up to second generation, has the right to confirm his/her Romanian citizenship by the transcription procedure of the foreign civil acts.

Are you eligible for Romanian citizenship, but you are afraid of the process? Concerned by the impatience of the Romanian Consulate?

Let us take care of everything! We carry out the process of gaining/confirming Romanian citizenship and issuing a passport in Romania, accompanied by Romanian lawyers who will handle the entire legal process!

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