Our Story

Whom do we address?

–          To Romanian citizen who (re)obtained Romanian citizenship and need a Romanian passport;

–          To Romanian citizen who want to register the birth of the minor children born outside Romania;

–          To Romanian citizen who were born, got married or divorced or have changed their names outside Romanian territory;

–          Romanian citizen residing outside Romania who lost or had their Romanian documents stolen/destroyed, namely to those citizen who lost their birth certificate, their marriage certificate, death certificate, Romanian passport, proof of Romanian citizenship;

–          Romanian citizen residing outside Romania and whose Romanian passport expired;

–          Clients who wants to obtain Romanian Vital Records (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Proof of birth, etc.) for their relatives (children, parents, grandparents, etc.);

–          Clients who wants to get Romanian Passport through their Romanian Citizen Ancestors;

A real story about a romanian birth certificate…

A while ago, this person, a junior associate, tried to obtain a Romanian birth certificate for an Israeli client.

Convinced that it should be rather easy to obtain, he went to the public institution about which he know that dealt with releasing Romanian birth certificates. His file was full of documents, so there was no logical way anybody could really refuse him.

First meeting … first “graceful” observation put out by the public officer. Right that second the public officer starred at our associate haunting him with his eyes full of self-satisfaction and content. Showing off his proud superior approach the public officer addressed him in a cold and damp voice, just like the walls of a mouldy dungeon: “we don’t need the original birth certificate, we need an original excerpt of the birth certificate with an apostil on its back. You have all the required documentation posted right at the institution entry, can’t you read!?. .

A deafening silence crashed over immediately. He simply did not know how to react. Laugh? Pay the officer a little bit of his own medicine and reply to him equally cold or to come to terms with him, be obedient? Should he confirm the officer’s superiority or point out to him that his role was to support the associate in his proceedings, not pull his leg and tease him!  

It was ridiculous. He had read all the info from the billboard posted at the institution entry. It was all written very clear: “birth certificate in original”. There was nothing near “excerpt of the original”.

Frustrated because precise and coherent data were missing, the young associate explained the new requirement of the public institution to his client. Outraged by this attitude the client explained that it was not fair for a public institution to create doubts in law interpretation.

Nevertheless, the client obtained the necessary document, thus allowing his attorney to pay another visit to the public institution.

Second meeting…stressful moments… 2 hours of stress…”Complete file” a voice announced him, looking oddly at the lack of reaction the attorney had. The attorney breathed released, but his joy was shortly shattered apart by the waiting time presented by the officer, in a voice full of deliberate sarcasm: 45 days.

Unfortunately the story does not end here. After 30 days the junior associate receives a phone call from the officer who registered the application. Some woman tells him to complete his file with other additional documents, in a cold, hopeless voice.

The associate replies lost: “you checked the file and you told me that it was complete”.  The officer’s reply was blunt: “this type of file is an exception and there are additional documents necessary, as just informed”.


…and this turned him into a LIDER [professional] in this field  

Fortunately for those who need related services there is also a happy ending to this story. After other experiences with the public institutions, following the one already presented above, we decided to create this professional web-site, with a plain simple vision:

We are the interface between the client and the public institution. Without hidden costs we provide real services and secure transactions.