EU Romanian Citizenship and EU Romanian passport for British citizens of Romanian descent

Brexit became a fact on 23 June 2016. For Britons it means that the privileges connected to the EU citizenship and EU passport that they have had for a long time may disappear or be drastically reduced. We want you to be aware of what you can lose and decide yourself if maybe it is the time to look for an option to secure your Romanian passport thanks to your Romanian ancestry.
romanian citizenship for UK Brexit

Romanian descent – how can you tell if you can apply for Romanian citizenship

We are addressing this article to the descendants of Romanian citizens that came to Great Britain between the beginning of the twenties and the end of ninetees.

The small number of Romanians that first arrived in Britain were primarily Jews fleeing persecution during the Second World War.

At the time of the 2001 Census, 7,631 Romanian-born people were residing in the UK. In the 2011 Census, the Romanian-born population grew to 83,168 people throughout the UK, with 79,687 in England & Wales, 2,387 in Scotland, and 1,094 in Northern Ireland.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated that, in 2012, 101,000 Romanian-born people were resident in the UK. By 2016, this estimate had risen to 310,000.


However, what you have to know is that if any of your grandparents or other ancestors was Romanian, you also have Romanian Citizenship, and you just have to confirm it. It is possible due to the right of blood (if you’re interested, we’ve written more about it ).

How to get through the procedure?

We would recommend you to go through our free eligibility test, see if you are eligible, then gather the documents and we can do the rest for you (well, almost, you will have to go to the consulate to receive your passport!).

EU Citizenship – what you have now and why you should keep it this way

Ok, so back to the EU Citizenship, which you now have as a UK citizen. There are a lot of benefits you may not even notice now. You can travel wherever you want in the EU with your ID only, you have special gates at the airports and less procedures in general. Also living in EU countries others than UK is not a problem at all. EU Citizenship guarantees that you can live in other EU countries without any restrictions, no bureaucracy and obligation to have residence permits, etc. Also working abroad and running business activities in all the other EU countries taking an advantage of the shared market, equal legal conditions and in case of employment – you are treated the same as the locals. Maybe after Brexit you won’t lose it all, however you are not going to keep all the privileges as well.

Better safe than sorry, really, especially that the citizenship eligibility test won’t cost you a dime!

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