The Paperwork

Usually, an application for Romanian citizenship by descent involves a meticulous and long investigation on the part of the competent public authorities. In addition, Romanian public authorities are conducting some additional investigation to ascertain the validity of the application, for example, by checking the citizenship records of the Romanian ancestor, or by establishing the direct line of descent from a Romanian citizen.

”Romaniancitizenship” is assisting people from USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, United Kindom, etc., to folllow the legal procedure of gaining Romanian citizenship by descent, and to comply with all the legal requirements of the National Authority for Romanian Citizenship.

Please see below, the list of the most important documents you should collect before applying for Romanian dual citizenship by ancestry:

1 Documents attesting the family chaine

For having a case, it is mandatory to getter Romanian vital records documents and foreigner vital records documents which will prove the family line. These are:

  • Birth, marriage (divorce), death certificates;
  • Parents’ and grandparents’ birth, marriage (divorce) certificates;
  • Name change certificates;

2 Documents concerning the Romanian citizenship status

The restoration of Romanian citizenship is a process suitable only by people which were Romanian citizens and lost it somehow in the past or their descendants up to second or third generation.

You should prove when the Romanian citizenship was lost as a result of emigration and naturalization in another country. Relevant documents produced by the country in which you and your Romanian ancestor got naturalized are:

  • naturalization documents;
  • documents proving the acquisition of the foreign citizenship;

Romanian authorities will check your citizenship file or the file of your Romanian ancestor, and they will issue a certificate attesting Romanian citizenship status.

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3 Backgrounds

Your Criminal Records is another very important piece of your Romanian dual citizenship file. In case that your criminal records is not clean, National Authority for Romanian citizenship has the right to reject your application or to suspend it.

4 Affidavits

You should declare, in writing, the next aspects: you are not conducting and supporting actions against legal order or national security of Romania and in the past you have not conducted any such activities; you never initiate another procedure for obtaining Romanian citizenship; you want to gain Romanian Citizenship maintaining your residence over the border of Romania.

5 Apostiles and sworn translations

As a general requirement, all the foreign documents shall have Hague Apostille and shall be sworn translated into Romanian language. For ordering sworn translations into Romanian language, please click here.