Order Romanian Marriage Records

Is it mandatory to transcript a marriage certificate issued outside Romania’s boarders?

The marriage certificate transcript is mandatory for the marriage under discussion to be registered in Romania.

Furthermore, the procedure to transcript the marriage certificate as well as the procedure to transcript the birth certificate is a preliminary condition in case a Romanian passport is your main goal.

In the case of the marriage certificate transcript the application is addressed to the mayor from the common spouse residence, and if the spouse have different residencies in the country, to any of these two city halls, as the case may be.

The application transcript of a marriage certificate needs to include Xerox copies of the spouse’s birth certificates, as well as Xerox copies of their Ids.

In the event that, at the transcript application there are changes of name and/or surname of the document holder acknowledged by comparison to the documents that accompany the application request, then further documents are required to clarify the discrepancies.

In the event that the foreign authorities released the certificate having data inconsistent with the data registered under the Romanian registers of civil status, the transcript shall be done after the foreign authorities performed the correction on the released certificate.

Any incident arising during the marriage (divorce, name changes, etc) must be indicated in the contents of the marriage certificate.

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