Israelis procedure to issue a Romanian passport

New procedures make it difficult for Israelis to issue a Romanian passport


Working and living in Europe? Not so fast. The Romanian consulate began to make it difficult for Israelis to fantasize about the desired romanian passport.

Since joining European Union, Romania has become a valuable country to many Israelis. Only in this year 2017, according to consular documents, 561 Israelis received Romanian citizenship.

According with the Israeli publication “”, Romanian-born Israelis complain of increased attrition by foreign representatives over the past year, and of a recent arbitrary change in passport issuing procedures. Among other things, Israelis are forbidden to use lawyers when they come to the consulate or to contact the consulate employees in a language other than Romanian.


Many of Israelis are paying large sums of money to lawyers for juridical assistance in the exhausting process with the Romanian Consulate, but recently the Consulate has decided not to allow them to enter into the building.
There were persons who gave up the long-awaited European citizenship before they could meet the officials at the Romanian consulate.


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In the article which was published in 01st of june 2007,  we found out about different stories concerning lots of Israelis which complain about the new rules from the Romanian Consulate. (




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